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When your yacht, boat, pontoon, jetski or other marine vessel has been damaged, consulting with a public insurance adjuster that specializes in marine damage claims is crucial. There are varying types of coverage regarding marine damages. Understanding your coverage and maximizing your claim starts by calling our expert adjusters at United Claims Specialists. We are here to help you get the highest possible payment for your marine damage claim.

How can a public insurance adjuster help with marine damages?

Boats, yachts and other marine vessels can sustain damages both at sea and on land. Weather conditions, theft and other issues can result in catastrophic marine damages. Common damage types include:

  • Lightning Damage
  • Vessel Grounding
  • Explosion
  • Fire Damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

There are many components of marine vessels that can be damaged by the above. Upholstery or electrical damage can be costly, and hull damage can be even costlier. Whether you have a total loss or you need repairs, getting the best help for your marine damage claims is key. At United Claims Specialists, we’re here to help with your marine claim.

What should I do if my boat is damaged?

Knowing what to do after your boat has been damaged can make or break your claim. Our public insurance adjusters suggest following some important steps following marine damage:

  • Make sure everyone is safe & there are no injuries
  • If there are injuries, seek medical attention
  • Notify the Coast Guard or local authorities
  • Secure your boat and visually inspect for any damages
  • Contact our public adjusters before filing your claim
  • Photograph any damages

Before signing any insurance paperwork, make sure you speak with our public insurance adjusters at United Claims Specialists. We can explain your coverage in relation to your marine damages, along with guiding you through the claims process to maximize the payment for your claim. Do not let your insurance company strong arm you into accepting an underpaid or denied marine damage claim.

At United Claims Specialists, our public insurance adjusters are here to help you. We can help you make the most of your claim, working towards the highest possible insurance payment for your claim. You have been paying your insurance for ages, it’s time that your insurance paid you. Call our public insurance adjusters today for the best services regarding marine claims.

Don’t hesitate to call and get you Free, No Obligation Property Inspection and Policy Review. We are happy to answer any frequently asked questions you may have regarding your marine damage claim prior to scheduling our initial consultation

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